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Beautiful Hydrographic Solutions

With hydrographics, we can print designs that you wouldn't think possible on almost anything. Papke's Customs is proud to offer this unique service to customers from all over, ensuring a beautiful, unique finish for car parts, tools, and a range of other items.

What Hydrographics Are

Hydrographics provide a completely custom look to a limitless number of products and surfaces. Application by an experienced technician can result in high-resolution looks. This technique is also referred to as water transfer printing, cubic printing, and immersion printing, and is a method of applying printed designs to three-dimensional objects.

Hydrographic printing is suitable for glass, hard wood, metals, plastic, and many other materials. The substrate piece is pre-treated and a base material is applied. The printed film is a polyvinyl alcohol film with the graphic image floated on top of water. An activator is sprayed on the film to dissolve it into a liquid and activate the bonding agent. After the piece to be printed is lowered into the vat, the floating ink layer wraps around it and adheres. After removing the piece, a protective coating is applied to protect the design, and the ink is allowed to dry.